Brand Accountability Matters: Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

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A few brands are in the news again for accountability issues.

Despite all the data confirming that the Gen Z consumer very much believes that “businesses must practice what they preach,” Coach and Minnetonka have both had to publicly relearn that lesson in the past few weeks.

Coach was called out for slashing and dumping merchandise returned to a Dallas mall store, yet this was not the first time a luxury brand has been caught destroying its own merchandise.

In 2018, Burberry became the object of a major backlash and numerous headlines for its practice of destroying unsold stock at the end of the season by burning it.

Speaking to a lack of understanding regarding sustainability…

The public was incensed to learn that this practice was rife in the luxury world, not just at Burberry, which led to a very valid outcry about waste, overproduction, and overconsumption.

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