The Diversity Disconnect: First Insight Report Reveals Inclusion Issues at Retail

October 29 2019 by Alexandra Pastore for WWD

The data provides insights to find which factors are impacting shopping decisions.

Nothing and everything in retail has changed. According to a survey released today by First Insight at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit in New York, while quality products and low prices remain key drivers in shopping decisions, retail executives might be misjudging the effect of a brand’s diversity and inclusion.

The consumer insights and technology company said the impact of offensive products is being overlooked.

The study points to a significant gap in perception of the impact of diversity and inclusion themes in shopping behavior. Retail leaders and consumers were aligned on the importance of women in senior leadership positions. However, while 54 percent of consumers said a chief diversity officer hire would benefit a company, 75 percent of senior retail leaders said they did not plan to make the hire.

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