The coronavirus has intensified the generational divide between millennials and boomers. Here are 5 ways they’re dealing with the pandemic differently.

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The coronavirus pandemic has furthered the generational divide between millennials and baby boomers.

Not only is each group facing different risk levels for becoming ill with the coronavirus, they’re both handling the pandemic in different ways. Many millennials are holing up in their apartments with Netflix and their iPhones, while many boomers are still trying to play backgammon or have trivia night with their friends.

Millennials are moving their money around more than boomers are.

The coronavirus pandemic has sent the US economy plunging, sparking fears of a recession.

While those of all generations are concerned about the financial effects of the coronavirus, “millennials’ behavior is changing more dramatically than any other generation,” Greg Petro, CEO of retail predictive analytics company First Insight, told CNBC’s Lauren Thomas. “They are going to cut their spending.”

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